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The Elvis Story

Pookie loved his collars and had a whole wardrobe of them, including a green Jets collar (his dad’s favorite football team) and some rhinestone flashy “Elvis” collars, just like his namesake.  It is for this reason that we thought that a collar in Elvis’ memory would be a great memorial.  We were so pleased to know that the sale of Elvis’ collar will also help raise money for IMHA research!   

While a good portion of this story is about IMHA, IMHA was not Elvis and his life was about so much more than the disease that caused his passing.

Just two weeks prior to his passing, we had rented a vacation home at the beach.  The house was on the bay and right from our arrival, Pookie liked to run into the bay and swim, as well as run up and down the dock.  He acted like he was a puppy once again.  That’s the Elvis we like to remember.  Those memories are still so vivid.  I hope Pookie is swimming and playing somewhere now…

Elvis “Pookie”
December 23, 1996 – August 29, 2006

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