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The Elvis Story

That’s the story.  But it’s not Elvis’ story.  His story goes something like this: 

His name was Elvis, but he developed the nickname of “Pookie” one silly day when he was a puppy and the nickname just stuck.  He was most frequently referred to as Pookie, but he responded to Elvis, as well.

Pookie loved taking walks with his dad every Saturday and Sunday morning.  He had a favorite stuffed animal named Oscar, which he stole from my mother’s house when he was a puppy.  Pookie brought Oscar with him to bed every night.  We now keep Oscar on the bed.  Pookie had a dog cousin named Sophie and dog aunts and uncles named Hildi, Judge, Shimmer, Marshall, and Kane.  He was loved by all of them and always very well-greeted when he visited them.

There was only one occasion in Pookie’s whole life when he was not with us at night.  He had to stay with my mother for one night.  Other than that, Pookie went everywhere with us.  He loved visiting his grandparents in Maryland (especially his Pop who always shared his bacon with Pookie at breakfast).

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