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The Savannah Story

Savannah was the star of our hearts and our community.

She did everything in her own way, but everyone knew she was in charge: of the household, of the other dogs, certainly of any children or puppies that happened to be around!  She was the most loving and protective mama to all of us.  She worked hard as a therapy dog at Akron Children's Hospital.  She decided the Delta test was worth passing so she could be around children.  She was NOT as interested in passing her Draft Dog test!  She loved the game of drafting, but didn't see the point of a test.
She preferred a belly rub to a harness and hitch exercise.

Work was her life: caring for her fellow family members (dogs and people), working with her mom in the classroom, and her hospital work.  She loved to help others, but she also loved applause and the attention that came with being in the ring.  She was a big, beautiful girl and everyone who met her, loved her.

She was a very vocal girl and was not afraid to speak her mind.  Her "talking" had expression and could mean anything from, "I missed you." or "I love you." to "Don't do that!"  She liked to talk back and wanted to have the last word in any conversation.  Savannah always did things in her own way.  She certainly knew her own mind!

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