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The Olivia J. Freckles Story

Hello, my name is Pam and I would like to start off by telling you a little about my Olivia. Most of the time, I called her Livie. She was born May 27, 2012. Her father was a border collie/lab mix that belonged to my brother. Olivia's mom was a Corgi. Olivia was in a litter of 7. She was a very sweet timid little girl right from the start. When she got older we could tell she would have the short corgi legs and the beautiful coat of a border collie.

About 6 months before I got livie, I had went to the local animal shelter and rescued my Reesie, a pug/chihuahua mix with an attitude. What a pair!  They were a perfect match. Olivia had a sweet loving nature and very patient. Reesie, on the other hand, thought she was the Queen, and thought she should be first at every thing! They were both a golden color, so I called them my Golden Girls..

Livie had the cutest little howl you ever heard! She would purse her lips, thow her head back and just let it go!  And her tail was so long it curved up and around her and when she wagged it, she always touched her own back and it would scare her and she would jump and run underneath the bed.  She always had a smile on her face, and looooved to give kisses. Not long after I got Olivia, we adopted, (she adopted!), a kitten who I named J.J. She would carry him around in her mouth just like she was his momma. And if Reesie started to chase him, she would calmly step in front of her to protect her kitten. One time I was sitting on the couch when Livie walked by with J.J laying across her back with his paws wrapped around her like she was a horse. I wished I had had my phone nearby, it would have been a great picture !  I tried putting her in cute scarves and sweaters but she hated them. Her favorite toy was her pink piggy and her favorite treat were the flavored bones with the meat in the center. She never had a problem eating either !  I remember the time when I had just feed the dogs; Livie always finished hers first! I caught her carring her bowl around. She went to all the animals with her bowl in her mouth, and stared at them and sat right in front of them, like she was begging for food. They just looked at her like she was crazy!

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