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The Dudley Story

One thing that Dudley loved was music.

Loud music.

Dudley would go into Mike’s room while he was playing guitar, plant himself in front of the amps, and just chill with Mike. He’d hang out on the floor while Mike listened to iTunes and mixed his own music. He’d lie on the floor while Rob did homework, listening to all techno music. He even tried to make his own- there was the night I heard him get kicked out of Mike’s room and the door close {not so quietly} behind him. Apparently, while Mike was recording, Dudley rolled over on the mixing board. Oops. He’d nudge Rob’s door open, or wait patiently outside Mike’s music room til he could get in with “the music”. So, it seems pretty fitting that his favorite collar (Dudley's Rockin' Out) be re-named for him...
...and the way he loved to “rock out!”

March 19, 2007 - October 2, 2012



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