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broker and donDon't my men look handsome in their matching tie and collar sets? When I wanted something special for my guys, I thought about Truman Collars and Debby helped me create the Broker Daddy Pack.

Broker is our rescued Doberman. Broker and my husband, Don, train in obedience and agility together. They are quite a team, so I thought they needed a wardrobe that recognized their special relationship.

Broker was 8 months old when he was rescued from a Virginia animal shelter. No one wanted to adopt a young active doberman puppy. His previous owners were moving and could not keep him. We were very fortunate to be involved in Doberman rescue and were selected as his foster parents.

He was a sweet guy who wanted very much to please. Our female Dobe, Thaler, loved him and he loved her--it was a great match for us all. He came and stayed.

Please consider buying the Broker Daddy Pack to recognize your guy teams. Your purchase will also help rescue dogs.The Truman Collar will give a portion of your purchase to Doberman Rescue. We thank you for your consideration, as does Broker and other rescued and to-be rescued Dobes.

-Linda Grskovich



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